About us

Worcester on Stage is a new and exciting addition to the theatrical circuit, where we aim to produce the highest quality shows, plays and concerts. We take in members from any area and pride ourselves on the friendly welcome that everyone receives.

We also aim to provide all our members with a chance to grow and develop their skills through acting, singing and stagecraft tuition, working in tandem with local partners and professionals. Ours is a group where you can really grow your CV!

With our commitment to putting on top quality shows, many of which are rarely performed, royalty-bearing performances, we aim to set our standards as high as possible. Our emphasis is on everyone having fun while putting on the best show possible.

It's not just performers though, we are keen to welcome anyone who wants to learn or help. We welcome costume manufacturers, backstage crew, sound and lighting technicians, set builders and any other positions that help a show to sparkle. There's always room for one more with us!

If you want to know more, or to ask about joining up, simply drop us an email at enquiries(at)worcesteronstage.co.uk or call the Company Manager on 01905 319 782.

We look forward to welcoming you!