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The New Years' Day Viennese Concert

"With only 20 seats laid out for the orchestra one wondered whether the sound produced was going to take the impressive first night audience for the Worcester On Stage Professional Orchestra (WOSPO), by storm.

I'm delighted to say that they were not disappointed. This new ensemble made an impressive sound as it was confidently led by its inaugural local conductor Stuart Blake.

For a programme that was so well known that any musical ensemble would have a hard time delivering a convincing authentic interpretation, but this is precisely what the WOSPO did.

They played with absolute confidence, sensitivity and elegance, complementing the glittering Guildhall venue. 

Worcester On Stage company manager Alan Feeney was keen to point out to all present that his aim was to present "high standard musical experiences for all to enjoy" - this he certainly did."

-Kevin Dawson, Worcester News

Absolutely fantastic evening."
-Paul Harding, Guest
"It was definitely worth travelling all the way from Australia to see it!"
-Helen Thorley, Guest



The Addams Family

A new Society for Worcester and a new Musical for me and it was superbly performed. I was a little concerned that the performance of a ghoulish production would not sell enough tickets to the average theatre goer and attract an audience large enough to bring home the bacon. How wrong can you be? This was an absolute delight to a packed house. The ten strong cast were superbly made up with designs by Joanna Stokes who deserves a special mention. Alan Feeney (Gomez) and Claire Hardie (Morticia) were excellent in the main roles and their daughter (Wednesday) Ella Sutton at thirteen years of age has a remarkable voice and acting assurance for one so young. No doubt we shall see and hear more of her in the future. Glynis Smith (Grandma) and Ian Thompson (Uncle Fester) - dare I say veterans - were superb. Tim Hull (Lurch) a truly hulking (no pun intended) presence and a real giant of a man. An outstanding performance by Adam Blakemore (Pugsley) and Pamela Watkins (Alice Beineke) and Mark Jones (Mal Beineke) completed the quality   principal line up and were very well supported by the twelve strong chorus. The songs  and music was not at all hum able but was a perfect fit for the balance of the show and I would certainly like to see it again but this production would take some beating.

Orchestra, Lighting and Sound, Costume Design and Manufacture  enhanced the whole performance.

-Trevor Guest: NODA

What else can I say, an absolute triumph. Well done everyone.

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Hi Alan, (aka Gomez)
Came to see the show tonite. Well done, it was brilliant. Had a great nite. Thanks, Lisa :-)

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You deserve all the credit you`re getting it was a great show & looking forward to seeing you all at the next one.

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I have to say as an onlooker what an amazing job you all did. All of the people we managed to get to go said what a great show it was. Kudos to all of you well done!!!!

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Well done all of you. It was brilliant. X

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Came three times to see the show and loved it. Congratulations all for a brilliant production and a massive thank you for all your hard work. We are so grateful for all your efforts. X

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Trial By Jury-140th Anniversary Gala

Was a brilliant night of entertainment. If you didn't manage to get tickets you didn't know what you were missing. Excelllent. Well done to everyone involved x

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An Evening with Gilbert & Sullivan

Just a quick note to say that my daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed your Gilbert and Sullivan inspired concert on the 7th March. From the opulent surroundings of the Guild Hall to the divine orchestra. The chorus singers to the soloists. For a "concert" it was a very good performance. Rather than the soloists standing still they acted the parts they sang with obvious enthusiasm.
The two professional singers brought a greater depth to proceedings which, to me at any rate, seemed to inspire the rest of the ensemble.
I wish you good luck with future events and look forward to traveling to Birmingham for the Addams Family.

-Matthew Fearnley: Guest


Little Shop of Horrors

The story of the show involves a nerdy florist assistant who finds his chance

for success and romance with the help of a giant man-eating plant. For this unusual and delightful production, which normally has a cast list of about ten performers, this youth production had twenty two which must have been a headache for the production team. However the outcome of performance belied the difficulties and resulted in an excellent interpretation throughout. The show has a wonderful score and lyrics and the opening number ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ by the triplet of Ronnettes set the scene for the quality of the whole show. Seymour (Jack Giblen) and Audrey (Madelaine Barber- Frey) were perfectly matched and their duet ‘Suddenly Seymour” was for me, the musical highlight of the show. There was no shortfall in any aspect of the show and principal performances throughout were excellent. Orin  (Edward Shinner), a dentist and Audrey’s sadistic boyfriend, who regularly beat-her-up and was the first to be swallowed by the voracious plant as it grew .alarmingly from a seedling to a man-eater. Mushnik (Thomas Hope) the owner of the florist’s shop was next as he had discovered Orin’s blood soaked shirt and he was eaten by the plant as was his brief case. Voice of the plant (Sam James) and Puppeteer (Isaac Alcock) were not seen but were certainly heard

and completed senior principal line up. The ensemble and small part players were all superb and the depth of talent augers well for future productions.

Choreography of these youngsters too was brilliantly conceived so that the dance routines highlighted the quality of the whole ensemble. The lighting and sound plus the back stage crew all contributed to a very fine production.


-Trevor Guest-NODA